Virtual Events 

Buzzed for Bees Speaker Series


Every Thursday in June 

6:00 PM- 7:00 PM 


For 2021, We are hosting “Buzzed for Bees” virtually!

In order to continue our efforts to spread the word about bees and other pollinators. Your local Omaha AAZK chapter, along with partners, are hosting a month long “Buzzed for Bees” speaker series. Every Thursday at 6pm in the month of June we will host a speaker with a new topic on pollinators. We hope this series sparks a lifelong interest and support for pollinators! Speaker Series presentations to be posted on our Facebook page soon. Also, look forward for this year’s edition of our new “Buzzcard”. The Buzzcard will have special discounts from local breweries and pollinator friendly merchants. All proceeds from the Buzzcard will be sent to Bee City, USA.

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Conserving Nebraska's


June 21, 2021

7:00 PM- 8:00 PM 

The monarch butterfly is one of the most common and identifiable butterfly species here in the United States. Unfortunately, the population has declined by 90% in 20 years and is under consideration to become a federally protected species. Join Conservation Nebraska, NGPC, and The Nebraska Monarch and Pollinator Initiative as we learn all about pollinator conservation. We will be hearing from Nebraska Game and Park’s pollinator ecologist, Cody Dreier. Cody will be walking us through the process of butterfly surveys, giving a rundown on butterfly identification, and how you can be involved.


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Nebraska Bumble Bee Atlas-

Survey Blitz

June 26, 2021

7:00 AM- 7:00 PM 

A special survey event for new and returning Nebraska Bumble Bee Atlas volunteers to have a friendly challenge with other Atlas projects (Minnesota, Missouri, and the Pacific Northwest). To participate, conduct a survey in your adopted grid cell, submit your data within 7 days, and await the results to see which state will prevail!


This event is free. To sign up for the Atlas, adopt your grid cell by visiting

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