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Community Science... Explore, Learn, Help. ​

Community science is a term used for programs that use people — like you — to help collect data for scientists to use.


Participating in a community science project provides a reason to get outside and put your observation skills to work. The added bonus? The data you collect is used by scientists for all kinds of reasons, including tracking animal migrations, learning about the impacts of changing climates, and determining population shifts or range of certain species — no training needed.


Check out the community science opportunities listed below, pick one that interests you and get started today!


help collect data as part of the "Nebraska Pollinator Week Challenge: 2022".

Nebraska Bumble Bee Atlas

help provide a better knowledge of the distribution of Nebraska’s native bumble bees.

Butterfly Surveys

help to better understand Monarch and Regal Fritillary numbers and the habitat they are using.

Journey North

report sightings of monarchs as they migrate each spring and fall. 

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