Nebraska Pollinator Week Challenge

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This Nebraska Pollinator Week we challenge you to.....
Get outside. 
Discover the pollinators that call Nebraska home.
Record observations of pollinators during Nebraska Pollinator Week.
Join a community of nature enthusiasts sharing observation data through iNaturalist.

How the Nebraska Pollinator Week Challenge works

1. Watch the Nebraska Pollinator Week Challenge video


2. Sign up for iNaturalist. It's simple and easy.


3. Once you are on iNaturalist, join the "Nebraska Pollinator Week Challenge: 2021" project. 

4. Head outside and explore. Look for pollinators... any pollinators... bees, butterflies, ants, beetles, 

5. Snap a photo of the pollinator you see. Upload it to the iNaturalist site under the "Nebraska Pollinator Week

    Challenge: 2021" project. Enter or upload at least five (5) pollinator observations to complete the challenge.

6. Complete and submit the form below. You will receive a packet of pollinator-related resources including a

    Nebraska kids magazine about pollinators and several informational pollinator pamphlets.

7. If you are submitting for a group rather than an individual, please contact directly. 

8. Continue to explore and look for pollinators. Continue to record the pollinators you find. Continue to enter

    your data on the "Nebraska Pollinator Week Challenge: 2021" iNaturalist project.

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Pollinator Week Challenge: 2022

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